"I remember staying cooped up and stressing out, indulging in revamping my space, creating a workplace and a nook for the podcast in my apartment"


  • I want to share some of my experience after a year dealing with the pandemic.  

I have been working from home since the 13th of March 2020, abiding by the rules. The fear coupled with quarantine got under the skin, the first week of self-isolation changed my sleeping and eating patterns. I feel privileged because I was well informed about the situation via reliable sources at the right time. 

The second week of self-isolation was a little stressful. Staying grounded and centered helped a lot. I remember staying cooped up and stressing out, indulging in revamping my space, creating a workplace and a nook for the podcast in my apartment. Planned a new routine with eight-hour sleep, intermittent diet (which I took as a challenge in mid-February). I got in touch with friends and family after a long time of social media distancing. Take this as an opportunity to reflect on, uplift with good vibes, and spend time with your loved ones virtually.

After 21 days of self-isolation and working from home, taking one day at a time has become my norm now. As dismal as the world might feel now, work-from-home helped me slow down a bit, and with this newfound time, I could shift focus from the external to the internal. I engaged myself in indoor photo shoots, and the time came where the days and hours were boundless and blurry. The new lockdown rules, long store queues, double layer face masks, sanitizers welcomed us to places, six feet distance was the key.  

Over the year, the pandemic has changed our lives tremendously, and looking back to the March of this year, only a few of us could have imagined how the pandemic would transform our lives. I observed the time pass by, feeling rooted, secluded, powerless, weighed down, privileged, gratified, and productive. The year has put us all to the test, and we have risen to challenge with compassion, dedication, and innovation. I personally focused on training every day, listening to podcasts, being inspired to paint, dancing, film, and editing, dipping myself in the ocean, reading, learning a new language, and preparing a big dinner.

The year has molded us into a new person, and I cannot look back at the year 2020 without appreciating the people who shared their knowledge and expertise with the media in interviews, letters, articles, and videos to help inform the public and guide our leadership in science in the fight to stop COVID-19. People were vocal about mental health, and people shared numbers online to call if you find yourself in darkness. Despite how brutal the virus is, the scientists unitedly worked and made the vaccines within a year. The vaccines are being distributed widely and trying the best to help our bodies develop immunity to the virus that causes COVID-19 without us having to get the illness. 

The University canceled all in-person classes to teams, and offices moved to zoom box, social events turned to google hangouts. This massive shift to online courses and worked in a short time, with kids stuck at home and parents struggling to juggle work and childcare. There were even free online conferences that provide guidance and suggestions on managing the stress we all experience under a stay-at-home policy. Wearing business casual from the waist up and staring at your colleagues’ faces in a 13-inch grid. Staring at that one little box that contains your own face as you double-check if your mic is on mute, you’re not the only one. As you hit the red 'leave' button on your last video call and shut your laptop, buckle up your shoes, and took a walk to revive.

Yes, we all are exhausted, feeling webbed in front of your laptop in meetings all afternoon. The growing number of vaccinated people is hoping that we might one day hang out in classrooms, offices, libraries, social gatherings, and concerts. Even though we emerge from the pandemic, it's clear that more people will continue working from home and video calls are here to stay. Luckily, I am not the one who makes such decisions, but I can tell you to train your body at least four times a week. Improved muscle strength, builds stamina, controls chronic conditions, improves posture, and enhances everyday task performance. Take supplements, and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D3, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, iron, and selenium are highly recommended. 

Last but not least, engage your brain with new information, entertainment, and physical activity increase blood flow to your whole body, including your brain. However, you shop and consistently includes the best foods for brain health, including berries and leafy green veggies. Avoid overdosing yourself with unhealthy drinks and sugar. Listen to music, and there are many podcasts out there, so find your niche. One might even find a documentary on how to meditate or deep breathing and its benefits. Try to minimize screen time before bed, grab a book and put yourself in 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep.

As Buddha quotes on the mind, “we are shaped by our thoughts, 

What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create." 

I also believe "You become what you eat"; as it's all about feeding your body, mind, & soul with good healthy stuff.

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