From the first Oslo Women´s Rights Initiative meeting at The Nobel Peace Center in March 2018.  Center: Nobel Peace Center manager Liv Tørres.

[MEETING] On the eve of the International Women’s Day, women human rights activists from the Middle East and North Africa are convening at the Nobel Peace Center.

Oslo and the Nobel Peace Center provides a safe arena for the feminists from the MENA region. Here the three women will share their personal stories of activism, perseverance and resilience and discuss how women’s voices can change the Middle East.

One of them is Syrian journalist and film maker Zaina Erhaim, who has been reporting from Aleppo for international media, and created a series of films documenting the daily lives of women in the rebel-held city.

Zaina Erhaim, journalist.

Yasmin Al Nadheri is a Yemeni regional development expert and the secretary general of Peace Track, working on global development at a local level.   

Yasmin Al Nadheri, Peace Track.

Azadeh Pourzand is an Iranian human rights expert and daughter of the celebrated Iranian women’s rights leader, Mehrangiz Kar, Azadeh will be sharing her personal story for the first time on a public stage.

Azadeh Pourzand, Iranian human rights expert.

The three speakers will meet in a panel discussion led by Norwegian journalist Ingerid Salvesen from the podcast DuVerden.

Activist network

The event is a co-operation between Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative, Civita and the Nobel Peace Center. Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative is a network of activists and experts founded on the idea that collaboration is key to supporting universal gender equality. The Initiative was started in Oslo last year, and has members from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Libya, Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon.

"Oslo provides the Initiative a safe space for our network members to freely discuss issues and collaborative project ideas without fear of threats and persecution", said founder Maryam Nayeb Yazdi.

This is the second time the network meets in Oslo, for a two-day private workshop, that is kicked off with an open event at the Nobel Peace Center.

  • The event on Thursday 7 March at 18:00-20:00 is free and open to the public and media.

For further information, please contact:

  • Director of information Ingvill Bryn Rambøl, / + 47 924 52 944
  • Maryam Nayeb Yazdi, Co-Founder of the Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative,
  • Asma Khalifa, Programme Director, Oslo Women’s Rights Initiative,