[pressemelding] Det norske selskapet 24SevenOffice har signert en samarbeidsavtale med The City Univerity of New York for utdanne fremtidens regnskapsførere i USA.

24SevenOffice is partnering with The City University of New York; on educatation of future CPAs.

The worlds most comperehensive ERP system, 24Sevenoffice, has just signed an agreement with The City University of New York (CUNY) – Medgar Evers College - The school of Business, on education of future CPAs.

This is one of the first Business Schools in the world to recognize that SaaS/cloud-based software and Artificial Intelligence will totally reform the way an accountant/CPA will work in the near future.

To provide their students with the right skillset and experience around these new technologies they have choose to collaborate with 24SevenOffice, that will provide them with accounting/ERP software and be responsible for the academic curriculum around cloud-based accounting.

"It is fantastic to see a University management that is so proactive and foreseeing of the technology development in the accounting industry. We see that almost 80% of the accounting businesses are still working the old fashion way. This will definitely change extremely fast going forward, driven by the new automation technologies like AI and machine learning. This unique initiative will provide the students with superior knowledge and experience adapted to the new reality in the accounting business”, says Stian Rustad, CEO in 24SevenOffice US.

About the academic program

Medgar Evers College - The School of Business wants to prepare their accounting students to be consultants using modern tools, and to become software/ERP professionals for their customers.

24SevenOffice will be responsible for the academic curriculum and host seminars and bootcamps to train the students in ERP and AI accounting, including machine learning, electronic invoicing, live and online integrations with government, banks, and other third party solutions.

24Sevenoffice will provide a free administrator license to all accounting students to be used for class and individual training. 24Sevenoffice will also provide a free administrator license to all student entrepreneurs, hoping this will increase the success rate of the start-ups and make them system ready for growth from day one.

The students and student entrepreneurs will keep their license in two years after their graduation. This will ensure that the students get the volume training necessary to become an efficient accountant and consultant.

Through this academic program and training, the goal is to make the students 100% ready for the cloud-based accounting future.


Stian Rustad, CEO 24SevenOffice US

Tel: +1 3476984095


About 24SevenOffice

24SevenOffice is Europe’s first 100% web-based ERP system delivered on Cloud Computing technology and SaaS (Software as a Service). The company was born in the Cloud and established in 1997.

 24SevenOffice deliver a sophisticated, integrated and complete ERP system for mid-sized businesses. The solution is based on modules and includes everything a medium-sized business needs to manage its business in one integrated system.

24SevenOffice has since the beginning had a goal of becoming one of the leading cloud-based ERP systems for mid-size companies in the world. Today 36.000 companies are using 24SevenOffice.


About The City University of New York - Medgar Evers College - The School of Business

The School of Business at Medgar Evers College has been fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) since 2003.

Of the five business schools in CUNY, Medgar Evers College is one of the two that is accredited. The City University of New York - CUNY is one of the largest universities in the US with 274,000 degree-credit students that choose CUNY last year.

 The collective philosophy of the faculty provides that the foundation of a quality business education must be Transformative, Relevant, Enlightening & Empowering.