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  • :BLOG: Going back to the first week of April when the Pandemic restricted everyone to stay home was the most challenging days of this quarantine times. I followed it like everyone else as it was really necessary to flatten the curve. To someone who is workaholic, this lockdown gave so much time in hand yet the days passed in panic questioning uncertainty and getting overwhelmed with new information. I was one of them, who got very anxious about isolating oneself and wondering what am gonna do now?
  • Chaitra Shamraya blogs about her experience from working and living in Norway. From the student life in the village of Volda on the Norwegian west coast to the struggle with starting her career as an international journalist and an activist in Oslo, as well as working to establish her PhD project.  In the summer of 2019, she started as a co-worker at Oslo Media House, where she is a very active contributor in journalism, as a speaker as well as freedom of speech activist. 

I decided to keep myself with little projects, I listed down the things that are in my control and I can do at home to keep myself occupied. I was amazed at the number of activities I could do to keep my self sane. I planned out to photograph and post it online to share the activities I do at home because I felt the need, to enliven online friends. Also, I engaged my family in doing certain activities for at least an hour a day or even for a couple of hours a week to cheer up the mind. 

A glimpse of activities I listed below:

I enjoy spending time with my two adorable nieces engaging them with creative activities and at times of lockdown, they have insisted me to send them whatever I paint. The older one will be turning ten this year, it is amazing how these little ones thrive us to be a better version of ourselves. When you realise you have a role to play in moulding sensitive, beautiful impressionable mind.

Inculcating good hygiene habits in children is crucial for a healthy life to keep illness at bight. Our health is the most essential part and everyone must prioritize it for a happy & contented life. I was assigned to write a blog post on 'Living a Hygiene Life, kindly read it and feel free to leave a comment. 

Back home we begin a conversation with “did you eat?” and feeding the guests is obligatory an altruistic act. Cooking is a calming activity resulting in a portion of tasty food. It is important to keep a track of food intake, be more aware of what you feed to your body and how it reacts to different food and dietary staples. I do spend a couple of hours every day cooking something warm and nutrient-dense, a sneak peeks of prep @indian_vegankitchen on Instagram.


I am not a specialist just sharing how a simple act of writing a to-do list every morning, prioritizing what needs to be done for the next couple of hours has helped me achieve more productive hours. From visualising my goals, investing time to write and create is how I organise my little projects. Practising mindfulness, taking one day at a time & organising work accordingly has helped me to balance my life.

Gardening emphasizes nurturing skills, a good way to learn to look after. It helps to develop an appreciation for nature, respect other living things and boost mindfulness. I wish to have my own garden where I can grow my vegetables and beautiful flowers. Just like our mind is a garden, good thoughts are the seeds and nurturing it is how you enrich your mind.

Photography to me is a good cognitive activity involving introspection, cultivates thought, inspiration, awareness, and focus. It is a non-verbal medium of communication to share your thoughts, feelings, document life, creativity and beauty in the world around us. I enjoy getting outside for a stroll into the fresh air, it does so much for my mind and spirit. Nature inspires me to take pictures, certain images catch your eye and speak to your mind. The past couple of years my interest in photography grew a lot more, I find myself making little projects and you can have look at my website


Previously known as "audio blogging” podcasts were produced with no intention of making money. The voices would provide information, entertainment, enlightenment, emotional engagement, companionship, and even inspire the listeners. A podcast is perfect for mindless chores, letting you immerse yourself in conversions or turn into an audio portal into unexpected worlds.

Physical activity immediately boosts the brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels which helps to re-gain focus and attention help a lot when you are swamped with work. I've been a little off track for a week, the lockdown meant the studios are closed & my exercise routine turned out from irregular to non-existent. I know what it’s like to have a really good routine and then something unexpected happens. The pandemic has challenged everyone to focus and breath while your mind is accepting and finding stillness.

Playing instruments is the best training for your brain to function better, improve productivity and boost language skills. It is proven by Neurologists that making music increases IQ and academic performance.


Every time you read, you are feeding your brain with new bits of information. I grew up reading ´Arogya Mattu Ahaara´ a book about food intakes for better health, and home remedies (Explains everything right?) Reading spiritual books can lower blood pressure and bring about an immense sense of calm,  a good novel can transport you to other realms. Reading before to bed is a good way to cut down on screentime thus clearing the mind and prepare your body for sleep. 

Dance has been an immense part of my life, it has a greater impact on my mindset I have acquired and the confidence I carry myself. Dancing took me out of my comfort zone, gave me a voracious appetite for learning and relished opportunities for self-improvement. .It is important to have the right body posture as it conveys the emotion to your audience. As a dancer I acknowledge my flaws and rather hiding them with different movements or choreography, I challenge myself to work on my weaknesses and overcome them.

 Self-empowerment is not just taking the power of your destiny and living your life the way you want to live. It is to evolve and raise from the responsible and independent version of yourself, a consistent growth. The NGO´s like @fødtfri & @iempowerme support every individual to lead an empowering life. They gave me a platform to speak about "Trans lives & Gender Dysphoria", a subject where we need to shed some light on. Let us catch hold of our mind, plant only positive and beneficial seeds that will allow us to live an empowered life from this moment forward.

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